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Photovoltaic Systems TucsonArizona Electrical Solutions is your premier solar design and solar installation company. We provide design and installation of many types of solar systems. Additionally, we offer both on grid and off the grid system installation and design. Our company knows how to install solar systems in a manner that will not cause harm to your roof or home. Due to our extensive experience in the commercial and residential electrical industry we are one of the most skilled solar installation companies in Tucson.

Residential Solar

Solar is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It is one of the only investments you can make in your home that will really increase the value of your home. People know that solar will allow them to save money on energy bills. However, most people don’t realize you can make money from a solar system.

First and foremost, everyone who has a solar system should have a solar battery system in place. This allows you to store the energy being created. If you do not have a solar battery system then you are losing energy created by your panels during the day. Furthermore, you will end up paying more for the same electricity in the evening when there is a higher demand. Your panels are already creating power during the day so you should have a way to store the energy they are creating. Once your solar battery bank is at capacity, you can then sell the energy back to the grid. This means that the power company may end up paying you instead of you paying them.

New technology can even allow you to monitor how much energy is being generated from your system. Some of them have the option to monitor your system from a smart phone. Monitoring tools are important because they give you the ability to monitor your system to ensure it is operating correctly. Additionally, if you are selling power back to the grid you can make sure you are being properly credited for the power your solar system is creating.

Commercial Solar

Our company is not just a residential solar company, we also specilaize in commercial solar solutions. Whether you own a commercial property or are simply leasing there are solar options available to you. When running a business, every expense matters. Investing in solar solutions for your company is a great way to eliminate unnecessary monthly expenses. Our solar company will be happy to discuss your energy saving goals and develop an affordable solar integration plan that meets your needs.

Some of the largest energy costs on commercial properties come from the parking lot and street lights. Even with the advancement of LED technology, these lights use a lot of energy. Using solar to power these lights can dramatically reduce your energy consumption. Arizona Electrical Solutions is the right company to call. We are experts in commercial solar street lighting and solar powered lighting for parking lots.

Last but not least, if your HOA or business is looking to illuminate your monument sign, Arizona Electrical Solutions has a few options to meet your needs.

Let us help you decide what is the right solar system for your budget.

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